I Tried, You Guys.

I’ve spent a lot of time since hearing of the attack on Pulse Nightclub trying to think of something to say that captured my sadness and rage, and also expressed my love and hopefulness for the future.  Then, I went on the Internet and that plan was shot straight to hell.  Allow me to explain…

Ah, Facebook.  My newsfeed gives me a window into the lives and opinions of my friends and family, which is, generally, a great thing.  The place I go wrong on Facebook is the same place I go wrong on so many other places – reading the comments.  One of the first posts I saw on my newsfeed was expressing shock and sadness, and emploring folks to stay safe.  I clicked to comment, and one of the first things I saw was someone who took the time to make a remark about the scene being, “a sissy bar”.  Thankfully, no one seemed to echo that thought; however, the same commenter decided that it was logical that the government carried out this attack.  Wait, what?!  

After I exited that thread, I saw an article which had gathered some of the worst examples of fuckery – tweets and posts applauding the mass killing of LGBT people.  I…I just can’t with that.  I’m not exactly sure how or when someone in this country can come to the conclusion that, not only is it a great thing that some madman turned a gay nightclub into a slaughterhouse, but the next best course of action is to go online and do a victory lap.  Seeing some of these posts broke my brain and my heart a bit.

Let us not forget about the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, The Velveeta Raccoon himself (thanks, Dad), Donald Trump.  In the hours immediately following the attack in Orlando, Mr. Trump thought that this was the best way to show how he would comfort the nation, should there be a similar tragedy during his (hopefully nonexistent) presidency:

Classy.  Exactly the kind of reaction that one should expect from someone who aspires to be the leader of the free world.

I was also quite stunned at how quickly, and almost jubilantly, some of my conservative-leaning friends were to emphasize that the shooter was a Muslim.  To paraphrase (hopefully the next POTUS) Hillary Clinton, what difference, at this point, does it really make?!  Fifty people are dead, and another fifty-three are wounded; that level of carnage is a terrorist attack, regardless of the ideology that inspired it.  Just like Aurora.  And Sandy Hook.  And Charleston.  And San Bernardino.  And Tuscon.  And Colorado Springs.  It’s pretty disgusting that some folks are only willing to call an attack such as this terrorism when the attacker is a Muslim.  I call bullshit.

And then there are the memes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good meme, but, sometimes, there’s only so much bullshit my brain can handle, and some of the memes I’ve seen have exceeded my bullshit limit.  Anti-Obama memes?  Check.  Islamophobic memes?  Check.  Liberals want to take my gun memes?  My Second Amendment rights trump your right to life memes?  Check and check.  For fuck’s sake, people.

I must say, though, one of the things that I find the most hypocritical are the ones who want to remind me how those scary Muslims treat women and the LGBT in the Middle East.  It may come as no surprise that these are generally also the same folks who will rail against the supposed persecution of Christians here in the US because the majority of Americans see the conservative “religious freedom” movement as bigoted bullshit.  Here’s a newsflash for you:  I already know how women and LGBT folks are treated in the Middle East.  I’m well aware of the videos of ISIL fighters throwing gay men off of rooftops to their deaths.  I’m aware of how women are raped and tortured and murdered, and I don’t need you to lecture me about it.  Let’s face it, a jihadi telling me that homosexuality is an abomination sounds no different than a Baptist telling me that.  Same bullshit, different accent.

Oh, let’s not forget about the ammosexuals who are currently saying for the umpteenth time, “you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.”  Look, no one is coming for your guns.  Not now.  Not ever.  The vehemently pro-gun folks ring that bell each and every time one of these all too often occurrences happen, and it’s both stupid and tiring.  People want it to be harder for guys like this latest asshole to get their hands on guns.  I don’t understand why there is opposition to this.  I just don’t.

I don’t know, maybe the relentless onslaught of mass shootings is getting to me.  It gets hard to continue to believe that love will win.  I mean, I still do, but it is getting harder each time.