Dear Women for Trump…

For the past couple of days, I’ve seen a few posts and overheard a few conversations where women who voted for Trump are bemoaning that people are “being mean” to them because of their vote.  Well, tough shit.

Why do I say tough shit?  Why am I not offering a warm, inclusive, liberal shoulder to cry on?  Maybe because your vote for Trump says tough shit to the feelings and concerns of millions of Americans, especially women, people of color, and the LGBT community.  And really, how can you be surprised by these reactions?  I’m relatively certain that, like me, many of these folks you say are hurting your feelings now were pretty upfront about their opinions about Trump from the beginning.  We’ve been practically begging you to help us keep him out of the White House.  What was your response to us?  Tough shit.

To the estimated twenty million people who stand to lose their health insurance if the ACA is repealed – tough shit.

To the millions of Muslim Americans who are now facing increasing incidents of violence and harassment – tough shit.

To the millions of people of color who face a promised, unconstitutional and discriminatory national stop and frisk policy – tough shit.

To the millions of LGBT Americans who stand to have their civil rights stripped from them – tough shit.

To the millions of low income women who rely on Planned Parenthood for their healthcare – tough shit.

You see, your vote for Trump has legitimized so many truly horrific parts of human behavior.  Seriously, the fucking KKK is planning a victory rally in North Carolina.  It’s now cool to grab women by the pussy without their consent, apparently, because you supported it.  Forming a circle around Latino middle school kids and chanting “build a wall”?  You are good to go.  What about those kids’ feelings?  Your vote tells them tough shit.

So, no, right now if you tell me that someone was “mean” to you when you told them that you voted for Trump, I am not your soft place to fall.  If your feelings are hurt, well, tough shit.  After all, that’s what you told all women with that vote.

For the time being, you can call me Petty White, because I’m Not Ready to Make Nice.


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