So much bullshit, so little time.

Recently, a conservative-leaning friend posted a political cartoon mocking how progressives act when it comes to choice.  The gist was, the only choice progressives care about is if we can freely murder babies (I’m paraphrasing), but they want to outlaw anyone else’s choices.  Charming.  Once I finished my eye roll and prepared to continue scrolling, I noticed a mutual friend had commented.  

It was one paragraph, but holy hell was there a lot of venom and hyperbole packed into it.  I read it a couple of times in an attempt to wrap my head around what this guy is actually saying.  I decided to unbox it, point-by-point…

— The use of all caps tells me this cartoon spoke to him on a visceral level.

2. “The left doesn’t believe in ‘choice.’ In fact, they HATE choice. They use that word for killing children…”
— Ah, here’s where we’re painted as baby killers.  I’m going to go ahead and assume he’s never even wondered as to why a woman would make that choice, and he doesn’t get that a decision that painful and personal is none of the government’s business.  Nope, his interpretation of the 2000 year old book he blindly follows tells him it’s wrong, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

3. “…but they’re against your right to choose to own a gun (which is in the freaking Constitution, by the way)…”
— Yes, I’ve read the Constitution (and the Federalist Papers regarding the Second Amendment, which explain exactly what the Founders meant by “A well regulated militia…”).  Get your panties out of a knot, no one is trying to ban guns.  Sheesh.

4. “…pick where your child goes to school…”
— I’m all for school choice.  If you *choose* to send your kid to a private school, *you* should pay for it. 

5. “…rent to whom you choose, serve or not serve who you choose at your place of business…”
— Oh, so you think it’s cool that people should be legally permitted to discriminate against other people.  Good to know.  Let me know how you feel when your daughter is refused service in a Muslim-owned business because she’s not following their rules or some other nonsense.  I’m not so sure that you’ll be supporting the “religious freedom” of *that* business owner.

6. “…choose the mascot of your choice for your sports team…”
— Sure, because American minority groups should be honored that people are still defending the racist characatures that are used for fun an profit in our sports leagues.  Thumbs up, I’m sure.

7. “The left hates choice, unless it’s their choice.”
— Eye roll for days dot JPEG. 🙄

I guess a reaction such as this is my fault for not empathizing enough with the plight of the straight, white, Christian-American male.  You know, those guys who still seem to make all the rules, but are the most persecuted demographic in America.  Sorry, my bad.  I’ll try harder, I promise. 🤞🏻


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