Captain von Trapp would be so disappointed.

One of my favorite GIFs on the web is the one of Captain von Trapp, finally home from his month-long honeymoon only to find that the Anschluss had occurred in his absence, and the flag of the Third Reich now hangs on his home. In this epic GIF, Captain von Trapp is tearing the Nazi rag in half, and dramatically so. Hope you've had a nice time shagging the (former) nun, Captain, because shit's about to get real.

Clearly, there are those in America who fancy themselves as patriots who haven't learned the lessons that the Greatest Generation lost so much to teach: Nazis are bad, mmmkay? Unfortunately, there are a lot of those pseudo-patriots who took themselves down to Charlottesville this weekend to rally in the defense of a racist, treasonous relic of the Civil War, namely, a statue of Robert E. Lee. What's worse is how they've been emboldened by the support they feel that they're getting from the current POTUS and his administration.

These vermin call themselves American patriots, and yet they fly the colors of enemies that real American patriots have already vanquished. These traitors marched through the streets carrying both Confederate and Nazi flags, and seeking to restore America's greatness by invoking Nazi ideology on her soil. These are the miscreants who believe that white men are the most oppressed demographic in the United States, and they are the leading the revolution to secure their rightful place in American society.


American greatness is found in our country's diversity. In our welcoming of those from other lands. In our willingness to help those in need. In our belief in truth, justice, and freedom for ALL. American greatness is diminished by the targeting of "others", whether it be for their religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, gender identity, race, or county of origin. American greatness is diminished by the building of walls. American greatness is diminished when he who holds the highest office in the land refuses to condemn the views and actions of literal Nazis on American soil, because those Nazis are the heart and soul of his base.

If you are a person who calls yourself an American and fancy yourself a patriot, but you've either chosen not to condemn literal Nazis marching in Virginia, or you've decided to play the "both sides" game, even when a literal Nazi carried out a terrorist attack with his very American Dodge Charger, just what in the actual fuck is the matter with you?

It's quite simple, really. For me, I'm with Captain von Trapp.


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