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Decision 2020: #MLT2020

Normally, if I heard someone start talking about the next presidential election within two months of the last inauguration, I’d consider lighting them on fire.  But, as the first two months of the von Tweeto administration has shown us, THIS SHIT ISN’T NORMAL.

As we sit and watch the ever growing dumpster fire in DC, many Democrats, like myself, wonder who will be out standard bearer in 2020.  Cory Booker?  Julian or Joaquin Castro?  Caroline Kennedy?  We simply don’t know, and as our shock and horror grows watching von Tweeto and his buddies, I thought to myself… Christ, my left tit could do a better job than this asshole.


Sure, I know it sounds crazy, but there are a lot of upsides to My Left Tit:

  • My Left Tit believes in equality for everyone.
  • My Left Tit thinks we need to invest in infrastructure.  We can’t have sagging bridges.
  • My Left Tit doesn’t have any shady foreign entanglements to worry about.
  • My Left Tit believes in a robust public education system.
  • My Left Tit doesn’t talk like the comment section of a Breitbart article.  In fact, My Left Tit would never say anything that would make David Duke happy.
  • My Left Tit believes in climate change, and thinks we should lead the world in combating it.

See, My Left Tit is the perfect candidate, and a long way better than the boob that’s currently occupying the Oval Office.

So remember: Vote My Left Tit in 2020.  Let’s put a better boob in the White House.



During this election cycle, I’ve been just as guilty as a lot of other folks have been about only pointing out why Cheeto Jesus is horrible, but not saying anything as to why I support Hillary Clinton.  In fact, I’ve seen a couple of folks point this out; they only see negative posts, and no pro-Hillary ones.  I wrote a list a few days ago in response to one of these folks who, quite correctly, made this point.  My list is not all-encompassing, nor is it in any order of importance.  Here goes…

First, if someone can point out a politician who doesn’t lie or, at the very least, have a fast and loose relationship with the truth, I’d be amazed.

Second, with the email debacle, Comey said that there were three, out of tens of thousands of emails, that bore any classified markings, and that those emails only had a (C) in the body of the email. None of the three had the required header at the top, which designates classified information. Further, the emails in question were released by the State Department as part of that FOIA request with no redactions, which indicates the (C) was an error, and the content was truly unclassified.

Third, each and every previous investigation of Hillary has cleared her of any wrongdoing or criminal act – each and every one.

Fourth, Hillary Clinton has spent almost her entire professional life working to make things better for women and children, beginning with her first job out of law school, working for the Children’s Defense Fund.

Fifth, Clinton has a mastery of the issues – she listens and learns, and works to find solutions to them. She was the only candidate in this election who had a comprehensive strategy laid out for the actual issues.

Sixth, she has rightly said that her approval ratings are always high once she gets a job; this was fact checked by Politifact, and rated true.

Seventh, speaking of Politifact, she was rated the most truthful candidate in the current presidential election.

Eighth, she fights for the issues that matter to me: she is a supporter of labor unions, definitely a supporter of my reproductive health rights, supports universal health care, wants to institute family leave policies, etc.

TL;DR: I’m with her.